I wish I could just travel the world with my closest friends starting in a cute bus exploring the US. Imagine how free you’d feel knowing you’re the farthest from home you’ve ever been and you’re completely independent with the people that you love. And imagine all the things you could do that you couldn’t freely do when you were stuck in one place. I never did like being stuck in one place for a long while.Image

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Today I woke up around 6:30. After the chaos of my sister getting ready for school, (which is a whole different story) I got in the van with my dad and sister and we headed to the elementary school. He said I should run back from the school! I agreed cause lately I’ve been watching what I eat and working to try and get my freshman cross country body back. So we’re all in the van and its a beautiful day out… my dad was telling us something funny but unfortunately I can’t remember what it was. So we’ve got 10 minutes until Natalee (my sister) needs to be in class… and there some old man directing traffic taking his job WAY to seriously. It was funny cause daddy was totally freaking out… but Natalee hopped out and took her sweet ass time walking into school. Me and my dad passed the crazy cross guard and were on our way. He decided to drop me off by the police station to run home which has gotta be like 2 or 3 miles from home. It was a nice run, I got to jam out to music and take in the pretty morning. Then 40 minutes later im knocking on the garage all sweaty. Come home, shower blah blah blah, stuff my face with a bagel while watching Kelly and Micheal and then ATTEMPT to do homeschool. Which by the way homeschool fucking sucks. I do the online kind and ugh i just hate it so much!! I really wish i was in a regular school…only reason im doing homeschool is so i can be in hiding until my face clears up (which is another story) then i take off to run around frisco with my dad. First we go to service king to do some shit and while were there i get a text from my mom saying my prescription is in!! which is fucking awesome news… cause now i can get this medicine in my system, let my face clear up and get back to my sweet social life that i have currently been absent from (which is another story)